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[one shot] stranger and stranger

Title: Stranger and Stranger
Character/Pairing(s): Ohno Satoshi/Nimomiya Kazunari
Summary: A stranger turns up at their apartment and no one quite knows who he is, and how he gets them to let him stay. or something? XD;;
Note: Written for bamcycle.

light's just broken over the horizon when sho hits the showers, shockingly cold water at full blast, chasing away the sleep haze he had heavy on his eyelids from a long night of statistics and other confusing math-related economics.

when he walks out of the room, buttoning up a white shirt that is slightly less crisp that he would have liked (despite it being freshly pressed), there is a stranger slumped on his living room couch and watching television. this isn't entirely unusual; as an independent university student, sho shares apartment with three other students, each intensely.. unique in their own way. man on couch is contently watching the fishing channel so sho supposes, because of the animals, that he is aiba's friend this time.

just as he is about to warn the man not to stay too long, the watch on his wrist goes off with a shrill beep. sho curses, late for work, and hobbles desperately into his shoes, piece of toast clamped between his teeth.

just as before he shuts the door, stranger-san lifts his hand in an absent-minded thumbs up, twisting back to give him a warm grin.

for the first time in ages, sho leaves for school feeling strangely refreshed.


stranger-san is still there when aiba comes home from his ridiculously early, ass crack of dawn walks with his three puppies.

immediately when the door opens, they rush forward towards the living room, tugging him impatiently by their leaches. aiba lets them, curious, and then only mildly surprised when he finds an unfamiliar man. but junpon is a bit snippy.. aiba rushes forward - then freezes in his tracks.

"you one of sho's classmates?" aiba asks, because whosoever can tame his hellion of a pup, aptly named junpon, must be nothing short a genius.

stranger-san looks up, smiling as junpon paws at his chest, trying to lick his face. he smiles even brighter when sakudon, a big shaggy sheepdog, trots over and flops over into his lap, possibly cutting off all the oxygen to his legs.

"so you like animals!" he says cheerfully. "look after them for me while i'm at work okay?!"

aiba flashes him a bright thumbs up and stranger-san is left to wonder around the apartment searching for dog food.


jun shuffles out from under the purple beaded curtain hanging from his doorframe. he is perfectly dressed, impeccable with his black jeans, bling, and smells of copious amounts of hairspray. there is also a terrible aura hanging around him that one might associate with say, zombies. several zombies. all condensed into his grumpy, bitchy, irritable form.

jun does not wear mornings well.

"naraisdfhsd," he hissess as he notices stranger-san at the kitchen counter with the dogs around his feet. "naaarhg?!"

stranger-san blinks, then pushes a cup of coffee in his direction.

jun stares at it for a moment, before the wisps of steam curl under his nostrils and he is overwhelmed by the beautiful beautiful smell of freshly roasted coffee. before he has time to be suspicious, his hands are reaching out by their own accord and then he is downing the stuff by the mouthful.

hot, but not scalding. strong, with just a teaspoon of sugar. huh; exactly the way jun likes it.

just before he leaves for work, he mutters, "... thanks."


"funny thing happened just now," says nino as he shuffles out of his bedroom, red eyed and messy haired. he looks sleep deprived and, coupled with the three loud ringings of his phone, decidedly irate.

stranger-san looks politely interested.

"sho called to warn me about aiba's friend, aiba called to ask me not to chase jun's friend off, jun called to tell me to stop taking home my one night stands," nino pauses next to the couch, hands on his hips. "which you are distinctly not."

stranger-san nods. "you wouldn't forget me," he says seriously.

nino cracks a smile at that, plopping onto the couch and wriggling over. he drops his head onto stranger-san's shoulder with little hesitation; they've not been robbed or killed yet and a night's worth of gaming has decreased his ability to care. in fact - nino leans a bit more, and topples into his lap. stranger-san barely reacts, only shifting slightly to accommodate.

"you don't want to know who i am?" asks stranger-san curiously.

nino purrs blandly as stranger-san's fingers thread through his hair automatically. "not really. you a rapist or something?"

the hands pause in their petting and nino whines until they start again. "no?"

"bummer," nino mumbles under his breath, then grins when stranger-san pokes his cheek. "what's you name?" he tries, not actually caring.

"oh, my name's - "

nino hums, drifting off to sleep before he hears. stranger-san chuckles, letting him sleep.


jun happens to meet aiba on his way home, and together they find sho crouched outside their front door. his head is in his hands, and he looks faintly green and traumatised.

jun smirks victoriously. "hah, i told you so," he crows gleefully. "you owe me $20 bucks!"

aiba pokes his head in to confirm, and nino wriggles his fingers at him in greeting beneath his sheets, from where he's being squished into their couch by their chubby-cheeked, lightly dozing stranger.

"nice!" he starts to say, but nino presses a finger to his lips so aiba grins and salutes him instead.

sho's head pops up above for a split second, and then lets out a strangled "that's not cleaning up akjdhfdhfa."

jun rolls his eyes at both of them and walks in. "you are such a slut, ninomiya," he opines.

you're welcome, nino mouths back cheerfully, and waggles his eyebrows suggestively at the money in his hand. jun rolls his eyes (again) and shuts the door on him. nino makes a "D<" face and looks over for help, but aiba is busy trying to coerce sho back into their house, like a dog, 'who's a good boy's and all.

oblivious, stanger-san snores peacefully on.


"we have cold pizza!" aiba had announced, and everyone had flocked around the kitchen table.

it is after they've polished off the large salami and capsicum that they realise -

"hey wait a second, who called for pizza?" sho regards his pizza with suspicion and finally notices his pizza is cold and sort of stale.

boys. jun sighs, leaning against the counter as his pasta boils. "it's been here since this morning. about the time ohno-kun showed up, actually."

four men turn to stare at him simultaneously.

"well," says ohno as he stuffs his cheeks, "i am the pizza delivery guy."

there is a pause.

"ah," says nino, "i thought there was a reason you smelled so good."

"you didn't know?" sho has had his slice of pizza frozen in front of his mouth for a while now. "i told you to stop sleeping with strangers!"

"for day old pizza," aiba shovels some into his mouth and looks thoughtful. "this isn't bad actually. where do you work?"

"oh, oh no," ohno replies brightly. "i meant just for today. i just happened to pick up on my way here!"

they stare at him for a bit, question heavy in the air, but ohno doesn't seem to notice. he just smiles winningly at them, then begins to gobble down food again when no one says anything.

"i call interrogator!" nino raises his hand cheerfully, grabs one last slice of pizza then hulls ohno off in the direction of his room.

sho lets out a strangled squeak. his room is next to nino's. :(


days roll into months and ohno is still here. still here, still having loud obnoxious sex, and also, sho has to admit, still paying rent.

"i don't understand," sho says mournfully to the sandwich he had come home to pick up for lunch. as always, there are horrible noises (this time from the bathroom) and it seems like ohno-kun never goes to work, ever. "i just don't understand. :'("

And still, no one knows what he actually does! :D :D

It’s been a few months! :D;; Trying to get myself back into the habit of posting here, so my apologies for the spam. ;A;
Tags: fandom: arashi, genre: alternate universe, pairing: ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari
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