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[one shot] balls and rackets

Title: Balls and Rackets
Character/Pairing(s): Ohno Satoshi/Nimomiya Kazunari
Warning: all my tennis knowledge comes from Tenipuri and we all know how realistic that is. >___>;;
Summary: Tennis!AU. Matsumoto-buchou recruits new members.
Note: Originally posted in personal lj.

Being a new club, the booth assigned to them is small and pathetic, two desks shoved together with not enough space to hide all their backpacks behind. The surface is covered with flyers, the odd tennis ball or two teetering at the edge, threatening to roll off and bounce across the crowded hallway, a single medal from Jun's private collection.

Nino and Aiba are in charge of luring in unsuspecting students, ad their good with it too. In all honesty, their club's got enough male members for a team and maybe three on the bench, but admin had insisted on. Aiba is really good at attracting new members; with an easy arm around their shoulders, bright grin and infectious enthusiasm, very little can resist even if they wanted to.

Nino is picky; he slouches against the wall, fanning himself with the flyers until the pretty girls come closer. Cocky grin Jun cannot believe isn't a sneer but Nino is cute, adorable even. There's the shy tilt of his head that lets all the girls forgive him, smiling back with their pouty lips glossy with lip balm. And then Nino targets the bigger boys with athletic builds, who look like they don’t mind having such a small senpai, seemingly a pushover even though Nino is anything but.

He spies a perky ass moving toward their booth and grins, razor sharp. Three quick strides and Nino has his hand at his shoulder.

"You! Thinking of join -" a double take as sleepy eyes blink back at him through round glasses, the most charmingly dazed look on his face.

"You! join the tennis club!" No longer a choice thing, but the boy lets Nino pull him over anyway.


Hot and humid summer, not a lot of people turn up in the end, so Jun is glad for once that Nino and Aiba are sneaky. On his tiny little platform in the locker room, he gives the opening speech and a small pep talk before everyone is sent outside for warm up laps.

The group groans and complains but start on their ten rounds of the track anyway. Aiba leads the pack, cheerful grinning and so fast that he has to stop and wait for everyone to catch up every fifty meters. It gives him time to bounce on his heels and yell out encouragements that slowly turn higher pitched and more incoherent.

Jun thinks he loses track of that brat Nino around the time Aiba screams "let's all woalkjdf halskdjfa!!" but he supposes he's lucky that lazy ass even bothered showing up today. Probably, it has something to do with that chubby cheeked new member whose arm he'd been clinging on to since the start of practice, but both jog back red-faced and rumpled and breathless so Jun assumes that they've done their -

Aiba takes one look at them and shrieks, "No fair, Nino! You took him to our hiding spot didn't you?!"

Nino licks his swollen lips when Jun peers down Ohno's collar and slaps an exasperated hand to his forehead at the red marks there.

Jun blows sharply on his whistle. "Five more laps!"


The boy that Aiba recommended, Sho-chan, is actually pretty good. Sure he aims for volleys too much, less a competitive player than a 'let's play for fun' player. With a little bit of practice and Matsumoto-buchou's screaming however, Sho's bound to get better quickly.

Just one thing. His back swing is completely horrible.

Nino splutters and gasps, collapsing onto the court shaking with laughter as Sho makes a wide swing and misses completely. For the forth time. Hilarious.

"Can you not be here?!" Sho wails, swinging his racquet in frustration.

"You know, Nino-san is actually one of our regulars," Aiba says cheerfully. He leans onto Sho's shoulder, never mind that the boy's been practicing diligently for the past four hours.

Nino laughs even harder when Sho topples over and drags Aiba down with him.


Ohno gives Nino a vaguely scandalized look but he lets the boy pull him off the track and behind the clubhouse anyway, behind the bushes where no one can see.

"Did you really bring Aiba back here for the same thing?" he asks, back against the wall and he slides down into a slouched sitting position. Nino plops himself over him, hands and knees, pressing tiny impatient kisses to Ohno's jaw.

"Why, you jealous?" Nino waggles his eyebrows suggestively and Ohno pouts tremendously which just makes him laugh. "Nah, we had comics and snacks back here. Well. Most of the time."

Ohno would be suspicious but then Nino presses their lips together sweet and slow and languid. His mouth falls open with a small moan of content, hands drifting to Nino's hips. The shade of the clubhouse is cool, pleasant, and Nino is deliciously pliant in his lap.

From the direction of the courts, Jun's voice screeches something that sounds like their names, but it's too distanced for Ohno to care.

Nino sighs against his lips and Ohno is distracted all over again.


Jun takes one look at them and says, "NO."

Aiba sighs and slithers off Sho’s arm, attaching himself to Jun hopefully instead.

But Ohno doesn’t notice, blinking with large myopic eyes as he wanders into the bathroom with Nino latched onto his back.

No one is allowed into the shower room for another hour.


Ninomiya*Ohno pair raises quickly through the ranks, clinching Doubles One before regionals even start. Ohno is a good player, fast learner of the basics, and his footwork is excellent on the court. Nino makes up wherever he lacks, sneaky trick plays and controlling the pace of games with ease.

While Nino plays baseline and does tend to get distracted by Ohno's ass a bit too often, Matsumoto-buchou finds no reason not to put them on the regulars.

"The secret to our brilliant partnership," Nino graciously reveals as he sneaks an arm around Ohno's waist, "is an extra close relationship and private training sessions. >3."

Jun shrieks "Dibs on Singles!" so Sho is tackled by a madly enthusiastic Aiba-chan.

Doubles Two, settled.


Notice stuck to shower room entrance:

No one is allowed in after any doubles match, by order of Matsumoto-buchou.

It's the one rule no one ever breaks.
Tags: fandom: arashi, genre: alternate universe, pairing: ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari
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